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Din Plus Royal Wood Pellets 15kg Sale

Din Plus Royal Wood Pellets 15kg

Din Plus Royal Wood Pellets 100% pine 15kg

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DIN PLUS Wood pellets 15kg

Certification: DIN PLUS 7A272

Bag design: PE bag

Bags/Pallet: 65

Pallets/full truck.: 24 pallets

!!! Minimum order quantity is 12 Pallets !!! 

!!! Become a dealer at your region, ask for the conditions !!!



Pellets produced in Poland certified by the DIN Plus standards.

Wood pellets are compressed wood pellets made from waste products such as prunings, sawdust, wood shavings. These "raw material" to be pushed through a die with holes at high pressure,. There is so much heat is developed in that the cellulose (present in the timber) it ensures that a pellet can be produced without binder. By the high pressure in the press Because the pellets are compressed under high pressure, the energy value is very high.

Many brands of pellet stoves require the use of DIN+ pellets because of the warranty. Pellets DIN+ standards provide the best return!


Calorific value

ca. 19 MJ/kg

Ash content

0,4 %


0,65 kg/dm3


6 mm


 3.15 </= L</=40mm


max 3.4%

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