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I. General provisions

1. These Rules (“Rules”) of web sale have been issued by the company „AMT” Anthony Vandeginste, with its seat in Karczów, Poland, REGON 161575342, NIP: 912-185-60-06 (hereinafter referred to as “AMT”or the “Seller”).

2. These Rules describe terms and conditions of sale on the website store available on the website:, as well as the complaint procedure.

3. By entering the website, a user (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) accepts binding character of these Rules. Using and exploring the website, as well as making orders of any products of the webs store by any user is deemed as granting consent to obey terms and conditions of these Rules.  In case of lack of consent for terms and conditions of these Rules placing orders shall not be accepted.


II. Terms of ordering a product

1. Orders shall be realized solely in the European Union countries. Orders can be submitted in Dutch, English and Polish. Orders submitted in other languages might not be realized.

2. All prices are expressed in EUR and/or PLN.  The Seller reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.  For orders already placed, old prices shown on the website as of the date of order submission are binding.  

3. When placing the order, a Customer is required to provide an email address and telephone number under which it will be possible to confirm the order, as well as delivery address.  In case a Customer wishes to receive a VAT invoice, he must also enter relevant data necessary to issue an invoice. The additional VAT at invoices for Private purchases is 23%

4. Orders which are not confirmed by the Customer within 7 days from the date of submission will not be considered.

5. Photos of products shown on the website might not fully reflect real look of the product and should be considered a pictorial. In particular, color samples may differ from the actual product colors depending on the type and settings of the Customer’s computer.

6. Inconsistency of the photo and the product cannot be the basis for a complaint or return of the ordered goods.

7. A VAT invoice or sale receipt is issued by the Seller confirming conclusion of the sale contract in the understanding of the relevant law.

8. All products presented in the web store are in general commercially available. Some of these products, however, are available on request only, and for some an offer is valid only until they are in stock.  In case the goods are not available, the Customer shall be informed accordingly and the order shall be annulled, or the Customer might wish to replace the product out of stock with other product offered by the Seller. If any payments have been made to the Seller before obtaining information that the given product is not available, the money shall be returned to the Customer within 5 days unless other product is chosen by the Customer as specified above.  

9. Special promotional prices are dedicated to individual Customers only who do not make the purchase for purposes relating to their professional or business, and are guaranteed for retail quantities.


III. Delivery and payment  

1. Goods are delivered to the delivery address specified by the Customer, through public post operators as well as courier or private transport companies.

2. Prices of products do not include the cost of delivery o the goods to the Customer.  Delivery prices are marked separately on the website.

3. In case of the absence of delivery prices on the product delivery costs are determined individually.

4. Expected date of delivery is determined individually after the order has been placed, and it is agreed with the Customer.  The Seller shall always do his best to deliver the ordered products within maximum 21 days. In the event that the goods ordered are not available for the order confirmed date, the Seller shall promptly inform the Customer of the anticipated new delivery time. The Customer might decide not to accept the new delivery date and in such case the order shall be annulled..

5. Payment for the goods shall be made by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and Customer.

6. Goods are delivered upon receipt by the Seller of 100% payment.  Goods stay the Sellers’ property until 100 % of the price is paid by the Customer.

7. The Seller reserves the right to reject orders in case the order forms have been made or filled in incorrectly or partially, and despite the Sellers’ notification missing or incorrect elements were not corrected by the Customer. Orders will be annulled  in a situation where (a) the transaction fails to be authorized by the relevant payment system (b) payment by bank transfer has not been made at the indicated time.

8. Before accepting a package from the courier or transport company, a Customer must check whether the package has not been damaged in transit. In particular, the Customer shall pay attention to the condition of the tape or seals on the package. If the package is damaged, delivery of package should not be accepted by the Customer, relevant damage report should be made in the presence of the courier, and the Seller should be contacted promptly. Lack of damage report or report on other irregularities in relation to quantity or quality of delivered goods may have a negative impact on the Customer’s claim for damage or shortages in delivery.

9. The Seller shall not be liable for non-delivery or delay in delivery of the ordered goods, or improper performance of the order resulting from wrong or inaccurate delivery address given by the Customer.

10. The Seller may refuse to realize an order and annul it in case the Seller fails to make contact with the Customer within 3 working days of the first attempt to contact.

11. Orders which are not paid within 4 calendar days from the date the order has been submitted shall be annulled, and in such case the Seller shall not be bound with the order in any way.

12. The Customer must not make any sets off in relation to any amounts due to the Seller.


IV. The Customer’s rights and entitlements

1. An individual  Customer who purchases goods for purposes not related to his business activity (a consumer) has the right to rescind the sale contract and withdraw from sale without a necessity to give a reason for such withdrawal within 10 (ten) days from the date of delivery of the ordered goods to him, by notifying the Seller, filling in the return form and sending back the products to the Seller.

2. The goods returned must be delivered to the Seller on the cost of the Purchaser to the following address: AMT Anthony Vandeginste Ul. Grobla 18F 49-120 Karczόw Poland in original packaging, and with no signs of use, otherwise return shall not be accepted.

3. The price paid for returned goods shall be returned to the Purchaser to the same bank account from which payment for the product had been made, within 5 days from delivery of the returned goods, unless otherwise agreed by the Seller and the Purchaser.

4. Costs of delivery of the products from the Seller to the Purchaser are not returned to the Purchaser in case of a return.


V. Complaints

1. At delivery, the Customer is obliged to examine the package carefully, and if the package condition suggests that it has been opened or destroyed, the package should examined in the presence of the courier.

2. Goods sold by the web store AMT export are brand new and covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

3. Any complaints should be sent to the Seller by e-mail.  The complaint should specify detailed description of a defect and reason for a complaint.  It is recommended to support the complaint with relevant photographs..  

4. Complaints are investigated by the Seller within 14 days from their receipt and the Customer is promptly informed of the complaint outcome.

5. Liability of the Seller is limited to the price of goods.


VI. Final Provisions

1. AMT export reserves the right to change  provisions of these Rules.  For orders already placed, old Rules shown on the website as of the date of order submission are binding.

2. In any matters not regulated in these Rules relevant provisions of the Polish law shall be applicable.  

3. The Seller reserves the right to suspend or stop at any moment operations of its web store.

4.The Seller may process personal data of the Purchaser necessary to conclude, realize or terminate of the sale contract, to which the Purchaser agrees by accepting these Rules.

5. The Seller may also process other personal data of the Customer if it is necessary from the point of view of character of the Seller’s services or the way it is paid for, to which the Purchaser agrees by accepting these Rules.

6. The Customer has the right to access to his their personal data and to amend it their amendments, as well as remove from the database. For this purpose, a message with relevant instruction should be sent to the e-mail address of the store.

7. The Seller undertakes to protect the Customer’s personal data in accordance with relevant provisions of Polish law. 

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